My Virtual Child - Victor Essay

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My virtual Child - Victor, is six years old now. Comparing his shy nature when he was at age of three, his personality become a somewhat outgoing child. His development of various skills meets with the standard of a preschooler.

From his 2 years old to now, his development in different aspects have a great changes.
Physical: Victor is not energies boy, he like quiet activities and not interest in sports or exercising. Since he 6 years old, his memory is getting better, he can play Concentration game with me because he remembers where the cards are located. Also, he can play the electronic keyboard with simplified musical notation. By age five, children 's brains are 90 percent the weight of an average adult 's weight (Feldman & Landry, 2014. P,146 ). Their brain growth is related to motor skills and cognitive development. As Victor growing, he capable of performing increasingly complex actions.

Cognitive: He interested in everything and always asked me "Why". In the textbook, "Intuitive thought" describe that children use of primitive reasoning and their avid acquisition of world knowledge (Feldman & Landry, 2014. P,153 ). When children ages from two to six, they use language and psychological presentation to think object and matter. Through to asking why, they explore the world with thinking and get understanding more about others.

Language: Victor 's language skill development in leaps. He is very interested in listening to books. He learned a lot of the letter from…

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