My Virtual Child Paper

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My Virtual Child Paper
My virtual child covers physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development at several age levels. This gave me an opportunity to visualize "the whole child" at various points in development. I raised a virtual child from birth to 18 years of age. Each virtual child has a unique set of characteristics at birth, some of which were influenced by how I answered the assessment I completed when I first logged onto My Virtual Child. These characteristics gradually emerged and affected his behavior and development.
My child was a boy so I decided to name him Wolfgang. Wolfgang was born about four weeks premature and underweight (four and a half pounds). To regulate his body temperature, he spent the first few days in
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My partner and I tried to improve this by having some play dates at our house. He got along with other children and other children never had any problems with him. As far as peer acceptance, I would say he was a popular-prosocial child (Berk 2012). He was good at following directions and did not display impulsive or distractible behavior. He was above average in all subjects at school, except math. He was becoming very discouraged since he was having difficulties. My partner and I had him see a tutor for help.
During adolescence, he would get in arguments with his friends a lot, and still preferred being on his own or with his sister. Seeing that he was already a little aggressive, I believe hitting puberty did not help. According to Berk, during puberty, neurons become more responsive to excitatory neurotransmitters causing adolescents to react more strongly to stressful events (Berk 2010, pg. 367).
Wolfgang became very involved in after-school activities. He played the violin in band and was on the swim team. He remained above average in all subjects, except for math, where he still struggled. However, even with the help of a tutor, he continued to struggle with math. Because of this, when he graduated, he decided not to go to college and wanted to just work.
A lot of the decisions I made were based on research I had done online first. I read some parenting forums and articles

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