My Views On Young Relationships Essay

1212 Words Apr 18th, 2016 null Page
My views on young relationships are a polar opposite to my views on friendships. I see that too often, far too often we cling to someone who isn’t good for us just because they offer the occasional comfort. We are scared that we won’t ever be able to find someone like the person we are currently into. But truth be told there will be and we need to find someone who is really right for us, not simply convenient at the time. We need to be able to let go more quickly of relationships that don’t make us better people and hinder our growth. I do understand that letting go of someone that you have developed a relationship with over time can be scary. However the prospect of not reaching your potential and suffering through constant frustration because of an inability to let go of something that is harming you is more frightening.
Realize that the comfort a person offers, be it words, intimacy, gifts or just a human bond can be found elsewhere. This probably sounds cruel, and we think how you could say something about someone we once had strong feelings for? People change. Maybe they were everything you needed at the start, but down the line they end up affecting you in a negative fashion. I am not trying to be overly simplistic or cruel, I’m just reminding that there are a lot of people out there that could be just as good for you. I wish every relationship worked out. I wish everyone was good for everyone. It would be nice that way but we know that isn’t the case.
I’m not saying…

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