Essay on My Views On Studying Architecture

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Studying architecture never crossed my mind when applying for college – kinesiology and psychology were my interests. My passions growing up were dance and photography, and I soon discovered that they brought out my expressive side. While I felt a connection to the physicality of dance through kinesiology, I realized I needed to do something more that fulfilled this same sense of expression. Dance, while being an expression of body movements, is also an observation of people’s interaction with each other and their surroundings -- a study of people’s movement through space. A choreographed dance is exaggerated movements through space, and I view architecture as built environments(?) that choreograph our everyday movements and behaviors. My dancing experiences helped me to understand this cause and effect relationship between humans and their surroundings and led me to focus my interests towards architecture. While pursuing my undergraduate degree in architecture, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Seoul, South Korea [maybe put in the name of your studio or something]. The focus of previous studios was determined to hone our skills as a designer, constructing buildings that generally served themselves as a whole [Don’t understand this previous sentence]. After living in Seoul for six weeks and studying the city as a field of complex and layered interactions over time, I was intrigued by how individual conditions of the city continuously served one another to form…

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