My Views On Sexuality And Sexuality Essay

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Even though I initially thought that my views on sexuality were formed from my own thoughts and conclusions, my environment actually had a major influence on me. Some of the factors that have shaped my opinions have been my religion, the gender roles in my culture, media, and my relationships with others. Personally, I identify myself as a heterosexual female and that has been how I have identified myself for quite some time. My views on sexuality have changed quite a bit over the years. My environment has affected a lot of these views and they have also influenced my changes in opinion.
The majority of my family is Christian and I consider myself apart of the Christian faith as well. Both of my parents were Mormon, so I was raised as a Mormon when I was young. I attended church almost every Sunday as a child and attended Sunday school. After my parents divorced, my mother raised my sisters and me. I was seven-years-old when we stopped attending church on Sundays, but I still considered myself Mormon. It was not until I was about thirteen-years-old that I came to the decision that I did want to be Mormon anymore. Instead I considered myself a non-denominational Christian. Christianity has definitely had a huge influence on my sexuality. Considering that Christianity tends to view homosexuality as a sin, I was never even made aware that homosexuality existed until I was ten-years-old. Since I had never heard or seen anything besides male-female relationships, I was…

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