My Views On Religion And My Parents Had The Most Impact On Me As A Person

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I personal think that religion and my parents had the most impact on me as a person. My parents thought me from what is right from wrong since I knew when to talk. If I made mistakes then my parents would tell me what I have done wrong and should not repeat my mistakes. I think religion gave me guidance in a way that I should live my life. I may not a perfect follower, but regional taught me the ways to live my life. My parents and religion were the two main cores that shape me as a person by forming ethical viewpoints. I personal think that my key principals are Caring for life, Respect and Honest. I think for me caring is important because I was raise in Vegetarian home. My family does not consume meat, fish, or eggs. Yet do consume dairy products because we believe that it does not harm any animal. In my principal, I think that all life is important and should not be harm. Unless someone is harming others and disturbing peace. We have to care for all life from humans to animals, which my religion taught me as a child. My parents and religion has taught me it is important to respect one another. We have to respect the laws or codes in a society. Therefore, we can live in peace. As a young child, my parents and school taught me to honest so I can be a better person in society. If someone is honest, then people tend to trust you more as a person and gain honor. I think a few of my ethics did change as I experience new things around the world. When I experience a bunch…

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