My Views On Reading And Writing Essay

1193 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
The two subject areas that I chose to complete my back to back lessons on were reading and writing. There were two major factors that went into my selection. The first was that there are only two times during the day when two lessons are taught back to back. The first is reading and writing in the morning and the other is social studies and science in the afternoon. Because I had already taught lessons in the science and social studies areas, I decided that it would benefit me more if I chose something different. The other factor that assisted my decision is the fact that I feel reading and writing are my two weakest subjects, both teaching and as a student. It seemed obvious to me, that if I wanted to get better in these areas I should practice when possible.
The two lessons that I put together were whole class lessons. I tried to use the resources that I had available and also keep on the same path that the normal classroom teacher was following. During the reading lesson I felt that it was important to introduce the class to summarizing. This would be a subject that the classroom teacher would cover several more times and use it as a base for several future lessons. I opened this lesson up with a class discussion about what it meant to summarize. We also talked about the difference in non-fiction and fiction text. At this point in the school year the students are moving from mostly fiction text into non-fiction text. Several students took part in the discussion and the…

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