My Views On Native Americans Essays

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After hearing Dr. Loretta DeLong and Dr. Gerald Monette talk today and reading the article I now have a better understanding of certain struggles that they have to go through in their lives. I think that the article provided me with some good background information about the Native Americans and how their views on certain situations and definitions are different from how the government defines them. However, I enjoyed hearing from two educators some of the issues that they have had to face in their lives. Even though I learned some history of Native Americans in school, I realized that I do not know hardly anything when it comes to this subject. Part of the article and a few of the topics the speakers presented on I was confused about because I have little knowledge of Native Americans. However, I was glad that I was able to learn more about this subject today from our two presenters. One of the most shocking statistics that I took away from their presentation was that less than one percent of Native Americans attend post secondary school. I never realized before how few Native Americans continued their education after high school. I think that programs like Upward Bound are great, especially since the Native American population has the lowest economic status. I would like to see more Native American students continue their education because I think this is important in order to have a better life in the future. As a future teacher, I want to help all of my students to…

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