Essay on My Views On My Life

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Since I can remember, I have had numerous people guide me and help me become the person I am today. Their guidance has shown me different values and morals that I still live by. I was always told to value the family and friends I have. They have all left lasting impressions on me as I grew. I also live by my faith and let God show me the way. Most importantly, I was taught to never give up on my dreams and constantly fight for what I want and live my life. I live by what I think is right and what I have grown up to know. I live my own life in the way I want to live that makes me happy to be who I am. Many of the values I live by come from my schooling at Holy Cross growing up. When I went to Holy Cross, they taught me to keep God in my life. Every day I had lessons on God and his commandments that were to lead us to him. I was taught every prayer so I could recite them every day to give thanks for what I have. God is the light of our lives and He will show us goodness and holiness if we live as He did. I live in God’s way by being honest with those around me. I honor my parents and believe in one God. I respect others and myself because I know that is what I was taught to do. It is what I believe is morally right for people to do. To this day, my faith is the by far the most important thing in my life. Being a child of Christ makes me feel like I have a place in this world and that I am loved by God and my church. The things I have learned and lived by to this day would…

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