Essay on My Views On My Life

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When I reach 70 I will be the same caring, patient and adventurous person that I am today which will be determined by my lifestyle as I grow older. One thing that hopefully will be changed is my last name. I hope to marry- and stay married- to the same man my whole life so that I can watch myself in retrospect and reminisce all the memories we’ve shared together. No matter how many years pass and how old I grow I just hope I don’t grow old to the point where I have to be so reliant on someone else to function in everyday life. I don’t want to grow old to the point where I can’t do the things I loved doing so much; I’ll miss them. I know this can’t be true for everything. I won’t be able to continue teaching my kindergarten class and surely I will miss it but there are new teachers who want into the job venue and I’ll have to pass my role down to them because I won’t be as physically fit to keep up with 5 year olds every day. As much as I will miss seeing these bright smiles I was so used to seeing every day of the week, I will have grandchildren who I will be able to spoil so much more. I hope to have a few grandchildren who will often enjoy coming for sleepovers and doing stuff with their nana. Whether it be coloring together, going to a movie or taking the dog for a walk, I hope to spend as much time with them as we both grow. Spending time with kids has always brought me joy and I’m sure having my own grandchildren will bring me even more joy.
I’m not sure where I will be…

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