Essay on My Views On My Future Classrooms

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Being responsible for the soon to be adults the worlds societies will be filled with, it is in the best interest of all teachers to ensure that we are teaching our students to be fully functioning, intelligent, self sufficient, productive, and profusely knowledgeable members of society. The philosophy that will encompass my future classrooms is one that not only adheres to the importance of academics but also to the importance of understanding how student 's learn so that the best practices, environment, and opportunities for growth can be identified and put into action. My teaching style focuses on the many different ways children learn, and how I can best adjust my teaching style to match the learning styles and interests of any class I will have. I firmly believe that all children are capable of learning but that they do require a teacher dedicated to their learning and also dedicated to providing an environment filled with the motivation and opportunities for them to learn. Teaching children is truly a rewarding challenge, one that is filled with many frustrations but also much excitement and happiness. However, the education of young minds is not for those who do not wish to put in the time and effort to find and practice the methods their students so greatly need. Education is and will always be changing and the teachers who simply think repetition and teacher lead instruction is enough to educate these very impressionable minds as very wrong and I hope my teaching…

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