My Views On Existentialism And Existentialism Essay

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I don’t have a preference or agree with either idea of existentialism or
Absurdum more because I think they are both equally necessary to live a happy life that you want to live. I appreciate the idea of existentialism because if I am existentialist I would think that I could do what I want in my life. Then I can determine what I am going to do next I can change my future. I am the one making my own happiness, I can be as happy as I want to be by doing what I want when ever I want to. But I also think the way that an absurdist would think is an extremely necessary thing in our world. Things happen to every one all the time that we are not expecting, and things that we cannot control. But if I am absurdist I can just accept it for what it is we can change our attitudes about it.
In the myth of Sisyphus the absurdist point of view was when the man in the story is forced to keep pushing the rock up the mountain and it keeps rolling down over and over again. Instead of thinking how bad his life is and how horrible it is to push this rock up a mountain to watch it go back down. He changes his thoughts and he still is happy and laughing when the rock goes back down again. Another example is if something isn’t going the way I perfectly thought it would if I am an absurdist I will think okay that’s just how it is now and accepts it and am still happy with what ever the outcome might be. I will be happy with how it is and move on. This is so important to be able to do in life or…

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