My Views On Elementary School Essay

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I scored on two intelligence 's the same and they are the highest. There were the Logic/Math and Spatial. My score on both is 4.86. This score is really high compared to the other intelligence of this test. I honestly do see a connection between these areas and my experiences in elementary school. One of them is how I enjoyed the holidays because I was able to be creative and draw, paint, color, cut, and paste the holiday 's activities, which falls under my Spatial Intelligence. I also recall being able to understand better things if they were in a graph or in pictures. Moreover, in the Logic/Math intelligence I realize that I was a child that wanted to learn new things and I had curiosity of many other things. In my elementary school years I also recall enjoying math because it was easy for me to understand it. I especially loved it when I was able to see patterns. Also, puzzles were my favorite activities during the after school program that I attended. However, I score the lowest in Musical and Body Movement equally. I receive the scores of 1.43. I do see a connection between those areas and my experiences in elementary school. One of them is that I didn 't enjoy the flute lesson and choir that were taught at my school. I recall of a time when I was in the choir class and I completely didn 't sing, I just moved my lips. Moreover, I wasn 't a physically active girl and I didn 't like the idea of getting dirty or my hair getting messy. Plus, I was afraid to hurt myself like…

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