My View Of Religion Has Changed Essay

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. I am convinced that my view of religion has changed, but I still carry the love of God in my heart. I love my neighbor despite of their skin color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, geographical background, and/or cultural beliefs. Also, I am open to learning about other religious beliefs and respecting them for what they are. This is the reason why I decided to attend Cal Lutheran for graduate school, even though my religion owns La Sierra University and Loma Linda University. By the same token, as a first- year student, I was not aware of the importance of critical thinking. When I was a senior in college, my level of critical thinking arose. I was able to question the facts stated by my professors and I learned to use social theories to make logical reasoning and conceptualize the topics that were discussed throughout my upper-division courses. On the other hand, in my last year of college I became more aware of adult responsibilities. I have always worked hard for what I want and need; however, as a senior in college I was able to financially support myself without the need of my mother. The reason for this being is because I was hired by Los Angeles Pierce College as a Career Guidance Counselor Assistant for the Transfer Center. This indicated a hire pay and more student contact. I believe the status I had as a senior allowed me to have a higher salary. Despite of my Hispanic heritage and my low-income status, I quickly understood that the education I was…

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