My View Of My Worldview Essay

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I would say that my worldview hasn’t changed, as much as it has been added to. As I shared in my previous blog, I grew up in a Christian household and actively participated in church throughout my youth and into adulthood. I knew Jesus from a young age and formed the foundations of a Christian worldview early on. However, my view of the world was limited. I went to school and played with my friends. I attended church with my parents and Sunday school. I played with the kids who came with their parents to our home Bible study. I watched cartoons, played with my dolls, and fought with my little brother. Life was simple. I didn’t really comprehend that there were people who didn’t love Jesus. How could someone not love Jesus? I knew that bad things happened to people, even good people, but I didn’t totally understand why. Plus, I didn’t understand the scope of how horrible this world can be. I knew that there were homeless people because I remember my parents giving them food and telling them about Jesus, but I didn’t really get their circumstances.
I believed and understood that I had a personal relationship with God, that I could talk to him directly, that He loved me, and that He was always going to take care of me. I knew that He created the world and everything in it, especially me. Additionally, I understood that God was made up of three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I learned what was right and wrong from my parents, Sunday school, and God’s Word. I…

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