My View Of My Worldview Essay

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As it is not often that one is asked to truly analyze their opinions and perceptions in relation to the world around them and put those thoughts on paper, I had a bit of difficulty coming into this assignment. I was not sure of my worldview in the slightest and to be perfectly honest, I am still unsure as to what aspects of my perceptions of the world around me are a result of my environment or the people around me, or to what extent these impacted my worldview. I must say that I do believe that the core of my worldview has remained for a majority of my life; however, whether or not my worldview has changed or shifted over the years is still a question to be answered.
One of the first aspects of my worldview that I was aware of (although not specifically in these terms) was my cultural perspective. The text breaks cultural perspectives into two subcategories, emic and etic perspectives (Mio, Barker, & Tumambing,2012). The etic perspective refers to building on commonalities across cultures while emic refers to commonalities within a culture (Mio, Barker, & Tumambing, 2012). While both are present in daily interactions, I have to say that in my own life, I tend to try to think of things in a more etic perspective. I have always preferred to look for understanding and connections between groups and understanding of different cultures. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to do at times when the cultural differences are present and cannot be, for lack of a better word,…

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