My Values In Everyday Life

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Holding my values close to my heart make me who I am and make me appreciate having these things in my life. Although it was hard to narrow it down to just five values I chose the ones that I feel like I involve in my everyday life. Five values that I consider most important to me are family, friendship, school, health, and enjoyment. If I had to choose three from this list that are less important I would choose school, health, and enjoyment. I chose these three as being less important because although being happy, doing well in school, and my overall health is very important to me I believe that friends and family should come first.
On a daily basis I would say that I do not reflect on my values as I make decisions. My behaviors such as working out and attending class may be from habit and my daily routine. Although I do not think about my values as I am going through my day I still behave according to them. School is important to me so I attend class everyday, study for tests, and do all my homework. As a student this is a common
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This behavior matched with my value of school importance. Through out the day I continued to show my value of school through writing papers, studying for an upcoming test, and taking notes in class. Another value I behaved accordingly to that day was talking to my roommate about some problems she has been going through. This shows that I value her friendship and that I care about her. I called my mom at the end of the day just to talk and tell her about my day. This action shows my values for family by making time to talk to my mom. The two values that I did not express this day were health and enjoyment. I spent most of the day doing things that I had to do not things I wanted to do or that brought me joy. I also did not show value for my health because I did not make time to workout and I got ice cream from Culvers and ate chicken nuggets for

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