What Are My Goals Essay

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Hard work, dedication, and pure focus accomplish goals. I create goals for myself a lot because it makes me become a better person, and helps me drive myself toward success. I can set a goal on anything, and with enough work, time, and dedication I can achieve it. Here at Marywood, I have set goals for myself. One goal is to attain a B+ or higher in each of my classes for my first year of college. My second goal is to involve myself in things I like to do at Marywood to experience the things I really enjoy, and decipher what profession I want to take on in the future. These goals can be achieved by working hard, studying, and self-examining the things that I really enjoy. In addition, some of Marywood’s values cross with my values. As I uphold values such as respect, empowerment, and excellence, it will help me achieve my goals. First, respect is a value of mine because it relates to how I treat people, and I expect others to treat me with it too. The definition of respect by Marywood University is, …show more content…
I receive a good feeling when I see people succeed in the things they enjoy doing. With this value, people will want to help me if I do my best to help them. This will lead to study groups and tutoring sessions that will help me earn my B+ or higher. For my second goal, I already know I enjoy helping and encouraging others, so I can use this knowledge to look into jobs that entail these values. Therefore, in my future career, I plan to empower others to reach their full potential. I will encourage and display a high-spirited attitude to let others know that anything is possible. I will also be their support and guide them to a successful

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