My Value Of Education Essay

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Starting in early childhood, my parents taught me that school is one of the most important things in life. Their reinforcement toward education has kept me motivated to be the first person in my family to finish university in Canada. My goal is to graduate with a Family Social Sciences degree in the year 2018. Along with this long-term goal, I have implemented short-term goals to track my achievements in smaller steps. Furthermore, to stay focused on my goal I have executed time management strategies and schedule planning assets. Reflecting my achievements with my main value of education and support from my parents has become a strong motivating factor to work hard to meet my end result.
In order to complete my main goal, I have applied my wants into the Management Model. Thus, I am able to see a clear picture of the steps I will take to meet my goal. My main goal of graduation is preceded by short term goals I have set. A short term goal I have recently accomplished is being
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Attending university and having the choice of what to study is an opportunity to find who I am and who I want to become. The value of education is an internal force derived from my parents beginning in childhood and continuing into the present. My parents came to Canada to escape from war-torn Bosnia in 1995. Their courageous choice to leave their old lives behind in hope of giving their children a better life is something I greatly appreciate. Therefore, I take their sacrifices into account when evaluating my goals. They have always encouraged me to finish my Schooling and further my education. Since the war stopped my parents from completing their schooling, I have made sure not to take my education for granted. By doing well in school, I make my parents proud thus creating a positive support system. Knowing I have their reassurance to follow my dreams makes me strive harder to accomplish my

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