Essay on My Valuable Mode Of Transportation

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My Valuable Mode of Transportation
The object I value the most is my car. It is the object I value the most because of how I was able to get it. My vehicle is a titanium gray 2010 KIA Soul. It has been my dream car for a long time, because when I watched the commercials it looked like the hamsters were having a lot of fun and I wanted to have fun in my car. My 2010 KIA Soul because it is something I had to work toward getting. My car is something that has helped me be able to succeed in my education. It also helped me to move toward my ultimate goal of independence. I appreciate my vehicle because it is something my mother gave me as a gift. These are just some reason my 2010 KIA Soul is the object that I value the most.
My KIA Soul is something I had to earn. I had to earn my vehicle because my grades were not as good as I wanted them to be. I needed to get my grades up first and then I had to get a job to be able to pay for the insurance and gas. I cherish my automobile because it is something that is proof I am a mature and responsible person. I had to get A’s and B’s in my classes, and start doing more chores around the house, for examples doing dishes and taking out the trash. The reason that I worked hard to get my car, because I was not doing very well in my first year of high school in Arizona. I got my job and I kept it for a year before I got my car because I needed to prove that I was going to get good grades and work at the same time. Earning this…

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