My Vacation - Original Writing Essay

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It had been two weeks and a half into a wonderful vacation in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. It was excellent and I didn’t want it to end. My parents told me to pack up all my items from our three-story beach house we shared with my twenty-four cousins. I didn’t want to leave. I only saw my family on the east coast once a year and I just didn’t want to leave them behind and have that time come to an end. And the part that made it the hardest was that I wasn’t going to be seeing them for two years. My family decided, next year instead of going to the beach house for vacation, we are going to Hawaii. The thought of not seeing all my cousins for that long made me shiver. Everyone was going to be older and my younger cousins might not even recognize me. I just didn 't want to take that chance, but sadly I had to.
I went in the car ready to leave thinking about how much I’ll miss everyone. I thought about the drive to Raleigh, North Carolina, where the airport was. Even though it 's not that bad of a drive I just was not up for driving even more.
My brother interrupted me yelling, “Grace you always sit in the front. I get to sit in the front because I always sit in the back.”
It was true I do always sit in the front and I have the best brothers that let me sit there in the car. But I was not going to let him have the front on a long ride to North Carolina.
“No,” I said, “I really want to sit in the front. Please just this time, I promise next time you can sit here.”
My brother…

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