My Vacation - Original Writing Essay

1039 Words Apr 11th, 2016 null Page
Life was perfect, there wasn’t a gray cloud in the sky to ruin my perfect night. The house was just the right size and fit for all seven of us, including my dog Buddy. My smile was as bright as the sun on a hot summer day, I told myself “I wouldn’t trade anything for our home not even a million dollars.” Finances were steady, payments on bills weren’t overdue, all of us were in good health and our family love was undeniable. Looking back I compared my paradise to a beautiful luscious lovely sunset full of warm soothing colors in Hawaii starting to go below the horizon line. I imagined water currents coming up to the shore line and soon sand begins to tickle in between my little itty bitty toes. Living in this two story house on Marquette street with my grandparents for five years brought tears of joy, tears of heartbreaking aches and a journey I am thankful for.

A special day was arriving when my mom came to a conclusion for all of us to come together as a family and move in. This uplifting moment still stands out in my head crystal clear like icicles dripping wet on a cold bitter winter day. I started jumping up and down with excitement; it was the night before Christmas when Santa Claus was coming to put all kinds of goodies in my stocking! One main reason as to why we had to put our house up for sale and my grandparent´s is due to a illness my grandma was diagnosed with as a young adult. During her early 20s the doctors came to a conclusion on what her illness was…

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