My Trip To Vietnam: A Short Story

I was twelve. My family and I had planned to go to Vietnam in the summer. To see my friends and family, my grandpa who barely remembers me, and my aunts and uncles that make fun of how tan I am. I still loved them though. I couldn’t wait to come back. It’s been so long since I’ve seen them, and they’ve probably been missing me.
It was a week before our trip. My whole family packing up. Dad getting the flight details situated. Mom packing up gifts for the family overseas. The last day of school just passed and I’m so ecstatic for vacation.
It’s 9PM and it’s one hour before my uncle and aunt drives my family to Sea-Tac Airport. My family is chatting it up and talking about vacation. My uncle will be housekeeping while we’re gone for a month,
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At the amusement park where I was at, the process of people getting off the ride and people getting on the ride happens at the same time. So the next batch of people ready to go on the ride are buckled up but I was not completely off the ride yet. I took one step out of the ride and then I felt a big force carrying me up. One leg was dangling out of the ride like a leaf on a tree in autumn and then gravity took me. A few seconds later, I’m on the ground, all covered up in mud, and everything extremely hurts. I couldn’t see anything because my glasses flew off my face. I could not breathe for a good minute and I tried to get my breath back. My cousins ran toward me and tried to help me up. But my whole body ached so much and I’m pretty sure something …show more content…
My family packed our stuff into the van and we said our goodbyes to everyone. My whole body was still in agony but I had to fight through it. After a 2 hour drive to the airport, my family and I said our final goodbyes and we went to our flight. Home was about 18 hours away and my house was calling my name. After the longest 18 hours of my life, my house and I had reunited. I was going to miss my family but it was good to be back home. It was a fun vacation for the most part, except for the day of the freak accident. From that day forward, I will struggle to ever go on a rollercoaster ever again. This was definitely a trip to

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