My Vacation - Original Writing

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I was twelve. My family and I had planned to go to Vietnam in the summer. To see my friends and family, my grandpa who barely remembers me, and my aunts and uncles that make fun of how tan I am. I still loved them though. I couldn’t wait to come back. It’s been so long since I’ve seen them, and they’ve probably been missing me.
It was a week before our trip. My whole family packing up. Dad getting the flight details situated. Mom packing up gifts for the family overseas. The last day of school just passed and I’m so ecstatic for vacation.
It’s 9PM and it’s one hour before my uncle and aunt drives my family to Sea-Tac Airport. My family is chatting it up and talking about vacation. My uncle will be housekeeping while we’re gone for a month, so we have to tell him what to do. I guarantee that when we come back, there will be stacks and stacks of mail on the counter.
It’s 11PM. They dropped us off at the airport already and we said our goodbyes. My family and I are now waiting in line to go through security check. All the security guards wearing black slacks and sky blue button up shirts along with their weaponry along their belt. This might seem crazy, but what would happen if I were to grab the taser or the nightstick? I’d probably be in jail. After a good 20 minute wait, we finally get to the front of the line. Then a security guard, who is a very big guy and is probably in his mid 40’s, greets us. My dad handed him our passports and he struggled to pronounce all of our

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