My Vacation At The Florida Or Alabama Gulf Coast Essays

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Each year, a pilgrimage to the Florida or Alabama gulf coast is a highly anticipated and enjoyed event for my family. In the beginning, it was just my wife and I. Man oh man, these trips were some of the most relaxing times that I can remember. Now, our yearly “beach fest” includes our two children, Kaylee and Garrett. While this is still a wonderful family event, I no longer use the phrase “relaxing”. Elbert Hubbard once said, “No man needs a vacation so much as the man who just had one”. Before children, I had no idea what he meant by this. Now, I completely understand the statement. The family beach trip is one of my favorite vacations we take each year, even though it has changed greatly with the addition of our children. Differences between the two trips occur very early, even before leaving home. This is what I like to call the “packing and loading phase”. When it was just my wife and I, this was a pretty simple process. Throw two suitcases, two beach chairs, a few books, one beach umbrella, and one large cooler in the SUV and we were ready to go. At no point was this ever a grueling task. Now, if we are lucky we can make it in four suitcases. You have to take into consideration all of the “just in case clothes” for the children. There are tents, beach toys, “boogie boards”, multiple coolers, snacks, games, groceries, and so on to fit into the SUV. After trying to load all of these items the first year unsuccessfully, I realized that purchasing some form of…

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