Essay about My Vacation At The Dominican Republic

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It was a sunny summer day back in 2013, August 27th, 2013 to be exact. That was the day I hit the bottom, the day I rebelled, the day it was noticed in me the big change. I remember like it was today, I had just came from a great vacation at the Dominican Republic and everything seemed perfect almost ready to go back to my Junior year of high school, but I was changed. That morning August 27th, 2013, I had no mood to celebrated I was tired and not in the mood of cake or any celebration. I got up went to the bathroom brush my teeth and took a shower and put on my pajamas again so there would 've been more reason for not to take any picture or anything. That same morning, I reminded my family especially my father that I didn 't want any cake or party just stay home and relax, which he understood and also agreed too. Although he agreed he still bought a white and blue, tres leche cake. I wasn 't happy at all but I accepted the cake so he wouldn’t felt bad and told him I wouldn’t be mad for the cake, but that must be it. He didn’t stop and insisted in taking a picture of me with the cake in which case I disagreed. From there and on I made a total change, that is when I would have said I started to act like an actual adolescence and rebel.
Adolescence had just hit me and I became to fall under many of the categories there were for adolescence such as rebellions, lazy, depress, and Isolation. Until the day of my birthday I was not acting as the majority of teenagers, I was just…

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