My Vacation At The Airport Essay

1045 Words Oct 16th, 2016 5 Pages
Last summer, my family and I decided to take a trip to Europe. I was exhilarated for this trip; therefore, I started packing my bags immediately for this trip. During the entire drive to the airport with my family, I had many cogitations in my mind, such as how the Eiffel Tower would look in person rather than the pictures. When my family and I arrived at the airport in Europe, I found out that my family and I would be taking a bus tour around the countries. The tour began and the first stop was in Germany. Italy was the next stop which I desperately was eager for. On the day the tour left for Italy, I became anxious and overwrought. The bus stopped for a bathroom break; however, I tried to act astute. I decided I would use the single family bathroom with a single stall inside. I found it a bit skeptical, but going to Italy was more thrilling. I entered the stall and used the stall quickly. When I tried to open the door of the stall, it would not open; therefore, I freaked out and tried crawling under the stall. Unfortunately, I got stuck under the door, and I did not know what I could do after. I did not apprise my parents; therefore, no one knew I was in the stall. Based on what happened I realized, “Getting stuck in a bathroom stall could be a nightmare when being in a foreign country.”
During the time I was stuck, I feared the bus tour would leave me abandoned. I did not know how to react at the moment. I did not have a phone at the time; otherwise, I could have made a…

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