Essay on My Upbringing Was Different From Most American Kids

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My upbringing was different from most American kids because I 'm not just American, I 'm African American. More specifically I 'm Ivorian-American. Immigrating and assimilating into the American culture was a feat. Everything was significantly different from what I was used to in Abidjan. Suddenly, I was aware that I 'm different and even those who I thought were the same as me, weren 't. It wasn 't until I became older and grew to understood myself that I was able to make sense of it all.

I was born in Cocody, a suburb of Abidjan which is in the Ivory Coast. My mother was a news reporter and my father owned a carpentry business. My family was considered privileged, and my mother certainly gave me the best. I had two live-in nannies, attended private school, and had beautiful clothes to wear. I live in a large house and we even had cable. Despite what I thought was a comfortable life, my mom uprooted us and moved to the United States. I remember her telling me, "We 're going to where Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Michael Jackson are."

When I arrived in America, my goal was to be a typical American. I wanted to love apple pie, get grounded and eat Hamburger Helper for dinner. 1998 Americana translated into white American Culture. Even though my community was a melting pot, my school was predominantly white. After taking ESL, I learned English without slang or vernacular so I didn 't sound like what I should have. It never dawned on me that I was supposed to be a black…

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