My Unexpected Pregnancy

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To say that my brothers, cousin and I were surprised about Mum’s unexpected pregnancy would be a very large understatement. This happened somewhere around August 2011 and caught the four of us (Will, James, Anthony and I) off-guard because we all thought that James would be the youngest in the family. Naturally, this came with a couple of thoughts of joy, such as my grandparents from my dad’s side would now have a granddaughter for the first time, Mum and Dad, who were ecstatic about the idea of having a daughter to shower as much attention as possible onto and us four boys now having a larger role of responsibility to fill since we’d be looking after her too.
There were also some thoughts of doubt that came to mind, such as having older brothers
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Although I can’t exactly remember what we all came up with, Mum landed on Teeda at the end. From what she and Mum told us, it meant angel in Thai. That and standing out from the rest by being referred to in a non-English name (some of my family use names from Western culture in everyday life) and Mum thinking that it might suit her personality when she was born. Honestly, it was kind of scary for me back then, even if I never put much thought into it. I mean, having another sibling when you already have two younger (and often annoying) brothers, eventually moving away to some part of the country or world, meaning that you’ll visit on some occasions and worrying about what she might do as she grows …show more content…
Again, couldn’t remember the reactions of many other people but there were some gifts, congratulations and bad nursery rhyme covers being thrown around by yours truly but in the end, we were all overcome with the cuteness of our little sister. The next few days were more eventful, with Teeda sneezing on Will (James, Anthony and I kept away from him for the rest of the night), getting to hold her and a couple of days later, the little princess comes

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