My Understanding Of The Health Care System Essays

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My understanding of the health care system is derived to impact the nation dramatically. Without health care there would be no cures, professionals to provided medical services, or technology to provide treatment. The nation faces a dilemma managing the runaway costs of health care programs, unable to accurately predict their expenditures. While those expenditures continue to devour a substantial amount of gross domestic product each year, the government continues to debate an effective strategy to deliver health care coverage for the nation.
The impact that modern medicine has had on the health care system is that of advanced technology, to diagnose and treat. We pay for research and development of new healthcare technologies. Along with the fact healthcare is a business and we pay to have services provided by trained professionals to restore health to the previous state of healthiness. We pay for training of physicians and other health care providers.
Health care costs continue to rise while nothing bars us from seeking health care. In the case of life-threatening emergencies, no one can be turned away from a hospital emergency room for inability to pay. In order to help offset these types of incurred costs, especially for those who can afford it, patience purchase health insurance. Health insurance is a mechanism that helps pay for health care. While health insurance has evolved today, it is also contributing to the rising costs of health care. Health insurance is the…

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