My Understanding Of Cultural And Contextual Considerations Of The Work Developed Through The Presentation?

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Woman at Point Zero Reflection

How was your understanding of cultural and contextual considerations of the work developed through the presentation?

The presentation based on El Saadawi 's book Woman at Point Zero reveals the painful process of female circumcision and the important role this procedure plays in Egyptian culture. There are four different types of female circumcision. In the four different types the clitoris and the labia are removed partially or totally. However in other cases the labia are sewn together, narrowing the vagina and the last type is the harmful procedures that are done such as vaginal piercings. The procedure is usually done to females under the age of 15. It is an extremely painful procedure and, in some cases, can result in death through infection. The procedures are done by a midwife, not by a doctor. There is also a lack of the use of antiseptics which can lead to infection or anaesthetics used to minimize pain. When the procedure is done the female is required to have her legs tied for a two week time period.

The procedure is done to allow Egyptian men to have a more pleasurable experience during intercourse. During the procedure, this is accomplished by making the orifice smaller. This also results in the females not being able to experience pleasure during intercourse. There is a passage in the book where Firdaus ' customers ask if she is enjoying intercourse. Firdaus lies and says “yes”, because it makes the man feel powerful. The…

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