My Uncle Named Terry Chou Essays

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I examined someone that was above 20 years older than I was for answers regarding to what life was back in the person’s generation. The main purpose is to discover any similarities or differences to the person’s culture, attitude and behaviour as he or she grew up compared to the current generation now.
The person I examined was my uncle named Terry Chou. I knew Terry back when I was around my teens when my dad introduced me to him during the summer. Terry was visiting Vancouver to meet up with some of his relatives and close friends. All I knew about how my father met Terry was from migrating over to Canada.
Terry’s appearance is quite shocking. He has a medium build body with tons of scars around his arms as I could remember. I am sure he has tattoos on his body but hidden due to the public. He is a quiet person generally but talks whenever he feels like it.
I chose my uncle for this interview because my father told me that he struggled to live through his young age causing him on becoming a criminal. This fascinated me to give him a discussion of what it was like living with such struggle. Terry was born in a farming area in Guangzhou, China. He grew up as a mischievous boy through his gang life. His uncles that lived close to him brought into a gang. Terry became a part of the underground society because of the benefits they gave him. He said living through that culture of crime was a thrill but had risks. He felt like he was controlling anything he sees but the beatings…

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