My Uncle Barney Is Not A Sentimental Person Essay

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My uncle Barney is not a sentimental person, in any sense. He isn’t much of a hugger or emotion filled, other than the times he’s yelling a line of curse words and assaulting one’s ears while watching football. Although he doesn’t show it in the most upfront way, I know my uncle cares. He cares enough to do things with my siblings and I that even my own father wouldn’t. Sometimes he even acts so much like a dad, that I slip up and call him that. The relationship between my uncle and I has changed vastly over the years, but only because we’ve both changed as well. Even though we have our disagreements, Barney will always be my favorite uncle, and even one of my most tolerable family members. My uncle Barney comes across as a simple guy, but truthfully, he’s endlessly complex and hard to understand.

When I was a kid, my uncle Barney was my favorite person in the world, not to say he isn’t still now. He was the one who would buy me cheese balls and let me eat as much of the bag as my little heart desired. He’d let my sister and I sing karaoke on our High School Musical game as loudly as we wanted to even though I know we sounded horrid and he had to plug his ears at times. My uncle’s house was the best place I could be when I was little – it was just like home but with less rules and no presence of my dad telling me to “shhhh” all the time because he had to sleep all day as a result of working the night shift. Ever since I was a little kid, my uncle has been one of the most…

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