My [ Un : Changing Writing Process Essay

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My [Un]changing Writing Process
There is a game called darts that is based on a point system: the closer you get to the center, bulls eye, the higher the score, with the highest score winning the game. The game is how I can describe my writing style this quarter. I tend to hit the outer edge only, without going any further to nail the bulls eye in the center. Throughout the quarter this is how I have come to judge my writing, I tried to hit all the points with all the darts in my hand. Based on what I’ve learned through exploring readings and writing assignments, my writing process has improve dramatically.
Throughout my high school years, I was taught how to write different types of papers. Teachers taught us as if there were different types of writing styles, but I found myself using the same format or process every time I wrote a paper. I would make an outline leading to a rough draft, and eventually having to do peer reviews. Due to the fact that every individual has their own style, the way we go about writing is extremely different. I, for one, don’t have a formal method. I let my mind go to a place where it can wander off. I try to relate what I am writing about something I have experience or have knowledge about. The topics that I chose for my writing assignments were topics that I was passionate to write about such as for the Position Memo and Annotated Bibliography I wrote about being against school uniforms, and for the Proposal I decided to write about the…

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