My True Success : The Definition Of Success

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In my life, we always talk about one topic that we want in our future, Success. When success arrives in my family it will show all the effort we’ve been putting on to be at that point in life. According to the definition of success, success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. In reality, success can have different meanings. With that said, Success should be defined as happiness, never giving up and, hanging out with the right crowd. I this presentation if you take into consideration of what I just said it will help you later on in the future.
Sometimes there are people that just go into a career that they don’t enjoy at all, they always feeling down and angry. There’s probably a reason why and that reason is they’re bit happy. Happiness is my first definition of success. In the article “ Business Insider” They ask successful people their definition of success. Billionaire Richard Branson shared the same definition as me “True success should be measured by how happy you are.” I agree with him because if people don’t feel happy, I feel like they’re not enjoying all the beautiful things life gave us. This means a lot to me because what is the success if you don’t get the opportunity to enjoy life with the feeling of joy. Happiness should be around all of us, doesn’t matter if someone dies in their family or someone is poor, happiness should be a major part of your life, not sadness or anger. Been happy will help me a lot in the future because if I’m happy everyone

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