My True Role Model: My One And Only Aunt

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To me a true role model is someone who is doing something successful in their life that you would like to do with yours. This something may be how to dress well, how to become successful, how to cope with stress or how to live life. It is someone who is good-hearted, determined and authentic. When I am asked who my role model is, I always reply with the answer “I don’t have a role model”, but now that I have truly thought of it, I have come to realised that my true role model is my one and only Aunt. Throughout her life my Aunt has been through many hardships and during those hardships my Aunt has taught me a valuable lesson, to never give up. She firmly believe that with hardship comes ease and that is the quality of hers which stands out to me.
My Aunt was born into a supportive and loving family. She had an older sister and
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Also at the age of 19 she gave birth to a beautiful girl. The birth of this girl made my Aunt’s life feel complete. All of her childhood experience of babysitting and caring for children had paid off as my Aunt had a child of her own. My Aunt was more that thrilled. A couple years later at the age of 22, there was another addition to my Aunt’s family. She has a baby girl. This meant she had two daughter who she loved and cared for more than any one else.
For a while my Aunt’s life was incredible but just like any rollercoaster ride there was a downfall. An argument between my Aunt and her husband occurred which unfortunately ended up with her children being taken away from her and being placed into care. With her eldest children 5 years old and her youngest child 3 years old my Aunt was heartbroken. She wasn’t able to see her children and couldn’t do anything to get them back. Consequently, my Aunt and her husband divorce as they felt they couldn’t resolve the issues. My Aunt moved on with her life and so did her

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