My Troubling Life: The Worst Day Of My Life

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Things were already troubling for my dad and my mom before I was born; my dad was in and out of jail, he has done many things he is not proud of to this very day and my mom got pregnant at an early age. After they overcame all their difficulties in their lives, I was born and everything went downhill from there for the whole family. I am not saying my birth was the cause of the troubling life that everyone had lived. It is not my fault I was unwanted, abused, unloved, and emotionally damaged by the one person I thought was supposed to love me unconditionally. I never imagined my life would be like this. I always thought my life would be like a fairy tale or a Disney movie. Boy was I completely wrong. My mother, Gennene, was only 17 years old …show more content…
It was a typical day at first, I was over at my grandparent’s house just spending some quality time with them before summer ended and I returned to middle school. I decided to go check on my grandma and see if she needed anything like I always did every hour or so. I walked into her computer room and I saw my grandma laying on the floor while my grandpa was giving her CPR. He shouted at me “Go unlock the door for the paramedics! They should be here very soon!” I was in tears just knowing I might never get to see my grandma ever again. I knew deep down inside of me that this was probably the last time she would ever be alive. She was very sick and could only take so much until her tender heart stopped working. The last words we spoke to each other were “I love you. I love you more.” A few hours later, my dad came over to pick me up and took me to go see her in the hospital and say my final goodbye. I did not want her to be gone; it was too soon for her precious life to end. I needed her to help me through the difficulties of life. After she died and went to Heaven, I cried every single night knowing she was gone for good. I isolated myself from my whole family and friends. I never came out of my room besides to go to the bathroom and go to school. I was officially in the state of

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