Essay about My Trip On The Winter Time

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When I was a child, I remember the coldest winter days growing up in Chicago. The winter time was my favorite time of the year. My mom used to dress me in layers and layers of clothes to keep me warm to protect my delicate skin from the harshness of the cold weather. As soon as we made it outside I would find the highest point in the snow and make my snow angels. My favorite part of winter was waking up on Christmas morning to see the pure white blanket of snow covering every inch of my street and the glistening of Christmas lights, decoration, and the sound of Christmas carols which made the view so magical. My parents made ever holiday a special celebration. My mother always took the simplest items and turned them into a magical display. Christmas wouldn’t have been the the same without her special touches. She made a garland out of candy canes, every table had a bowl of fruit, and there were a various jars of candy and cupcakes, roasted salted peanuts and a delicious breakfast platter setup on the dining room table that filled the air with the smell of bacon, cinnamon, and maple syrup. My mom taught me the importance of celebrating occasions with family and how to make each moment a magical moment.
Every day when I came home from school I would walk through the doors to an empty house. As I walked in the kitchen there was always a mouth-watering aroma of some kind such as beef stew, peach cobbler, and corn bread. I could always tell from the hot stove that someone was…

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