My Trip At The River Essay

785 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Once someone gets drunk they lose what little sense they have left and just become dumb. Sometimes making huge mistakes they wouldn’t normally make if they had been sober. Of course the person in this story is my dad and he made a huge mistake when he was drunk costing him a friend and a couple of weeks jail. Although his friend might want to be friends again I don’t think my dad will ever want to be friends with him.
One Saturday I was staying at my dad’s house and he and his friends had planned a canoe trip that we were all going to do. They even planned on camping after the ride down the river. It was all going unbelievably great. However, all of that can easily end when someone has had one too many beers and they just can’t keep going. Eventually, he started to think the trip was getting too long, so he decided to get out when he saw a road next to the river. Everyone was fine with it because we were camping where we were getting out.
Just a few minutes before we were going to get out of the river we got drenched as we tipped over very slowly into the night’s ice cold water. Since we dumped the canoe just before we got out we weren’t bothered from it. When we got to the campground we got out, hoping to get our warm clothes on, but the truck was nowhere to be seen. The truck had all of our blankets, clothes, tents, etc.
Luckily we could hear someone 's car rolling on the gravel down the road to where we had been sitting for the past thirty minutes. We had no…

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