My Trip At Camp Bonnie Brae Essay

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I have always considered myself an adventurer. Growing up, I’d always be climbing trees, building forts, going on long bike rides, and embarking on numerous “quests” with my brother. But, some of my favorite adventures occurred at sleep-away Girl Scout Camp. Each summer giving rise to numerous new experiences, new skills learned, and new friends made.
When I was ten years old, I attended a camp session at Camp Bonnie Brae that took us off the main camp property and into the depths of the Appalachian Trail. The Appalachian Trail is a hiking trail that stretches approximately 2,200 miles between Maine and Georgia. Sadly, the camp didn’t have the time or resources to look after us for months on the trail, so we were to spend only three days on the trail, staying within Massachusetts’ borders. In the days leading up to our trip, we took practice hikes around town, learned the guidelines of Leave-No-Trace, practiced tent pitching, and planned our meals. But despite all my preparation before and at camp, nothing prepared me for the level of physical exertion this trip wrought.
Our first day began with a twenty-minute drive from camp to the nearest trailhead. From there, we began our hike north. We hiked in a constant state of up and down, slipping and sliding, tent gear detaching, several of us tripped and fell a couple of times. Eight miles later, we came upon a rest stop where we could pitch our tents for the night. That night we had the camping classic of rice and beans for…

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