My Trip : Anna Maria Island Essay

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Only few events in one person’s life change how they see the world with their senses. The trip I made to Anna Maria Island last summer was one of these moments. The multiple sights, smells, tastes, and the sound and feel of the beach give you a whole new sense of the world around you. It tells you about the people who live there, what they eat, what they do in their free time, and so much more. Our five senses opens us up to so many different things that impact our lives, and my trip to Anna Maria Island is the moment that has impacted how I see the world the most.
The beach was, of course, the greatest sight on the island. The water was clearer than any body of water I had ever seen. The waves were calm, and they didn’t always topple over each other and crash like in Daytona Beach. As I looked out into the ocean from where I was sitting on the beach, I could see little kids with their parents playing in the sand and in the water, either building sand castles or floating on tubes because the water was so calm. There was also parasailers and jet skiers out on the water too, either doing it for the first time, or their tenth. All these different events I was seeing gave me the emotion of the people that were doing them. I felt excitement from watching the parasailers and jet skiers, and was overcome with a sense of calmness when I looked back at the family playing in the sand. There were no worries in that moment on the beach. Later in the day was an even more beautiful sight,…

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