My Traveling Grandma Madeline

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My traveling grandma Madeline

I am going to discuss about my traveling grandma Madeline living situation these days. My grandma now lives in San Diego, California she has lived in United States for the past 16 years now. Before coming to the United States she lived in Jordan for 4 years and prior to that she was living in Bagdad, Iraq independently she had own her own apartment. The city that she lives in currently is El Cajon, CA, which is a city in San Diego. Which has the largest culture of Assyrian, Armenian, Chaldean Americans population. My grandma Madeline is part of that culture so it makes her felt like being back home a little bit. My grandma Madeline has been a widow for over 40 years. My grandma had a total of six children. Grandma
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So my grandma has her own bedroom and a bathroom, which is her own space. There are no stairs, which is great it makes it easier for grandma Madeline for her lifestyle. This is the best living situation for my grandma Madeline and the family. The backyard of the house is nice, clean and organized. Which has an easy access to go outside there is a sliding door, which opens up the backyard where you can pick out some of the vegetables and fruits they are grown in the garden. My grandma likes the backyard and enjoys spend time to pick some of the fruits and vegetables. Some of the other outdoors activities my grandma Madeline enjoys is walking around the neighborhood in the mornings after breakfast. The neighborhood is nice and quiet there is police neighborhood watch around that area as well. The police and fire department is also about 15 minutes away from the home as well. She is also about 20-25 minutes away from the two of the hospitals in the El Cajon, CA section. My grandma Madeline really likes the weather in California overall it great weather all year around. Also to keep in mind in the state of California natural disasters that can happen such as earthquakes. California has a moderately high number of earthquakes due to its arrangement on both the …show more content…
My grandma Madeline has maintains a lot of strong relationship with so many relatives and friends that live in her area. She always has many instances to see her friends, where she continues enjoying her activities such as playing a game of cards and also having her quiet time is much needed for her as well. It also seems that more grandparents are moving in with their adult children which I don’t think is a bad thing, but I am sure it a life adjustment that takes time to getting use to for the different age groups living under one home. I think with my grandma Madeline living with her Susan and Peter it helps her not to feel so lonely. It also benefits my aunt Susan and uncle Peter because they never had children of there own so I think it benefits them as well. When I went to visit them last year they seemed all in great spirits and the living situation seems like it is going very well. The reason I think it works well is because there is a great communication skill that comes with the family. They seem to have family discussions before an issue becomes a problem. Overall my grandma Madeline is such a sweet, quiet, smart, loving and easygoing person that things are handled just precisely appropriately in the given situation. Also that they have established a schedule which includes meal times and bedtime routines that works best for all of them in this

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