My Travel To Honduras

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During the summer of 2015, my family and I had traveled over two thousand miles via plane to Honduras. My mother had planned this trip to visit our relatives in Honduras. This trip was not unlike any of my previous visits. The hot weather was just as sweat inducing as I had remembered. Its foreign roads were as bumpy as the last time I had been on them. Even the local cuisine was equally as mouthwatering as my last meal made in Honduras. Honduras had not changed. I had changed. I was older now, more able to understand the world around me. Even so, there are some ideas that no matter what angle you study them from, they’re just impossible to understand. That summer taught me this new idea. That was the summer I met Maria. Our visit lasted about a month. It was just my mother, my two younger siblings and I. Most of our stay in Honduras was spent with my aunts and my grandmother in La Entrada, Copan. The time we spent vacationing was unforgettable, but my mother had one last trip in …show more content…
It was obvious to all of us she barely had enough to support her family. So, when she offered all fifteen of her visitors something she couldn’t even give herself, we couldn’t help but be touched by her intentions. Maria gave her son, what little money she had to buy coffee at the nearest store. It wasn’t enough to buy even a bag of coffee. As soon as my aunts noticed that she didn’t have enough money, they gave her money to buy coffee and a few more things. Once again, moved by Maria’s actions, all of my aunts and my mother decided to help them by supplying them with a monthly salary whenever they could. Maria had rightfully been given all this, but it couldn’t amount to what she had given us. Although what she literally offered us were just a few dollars’ worth of coffee, to her it meant sacrificing a few meals, simply to please her guests. Up to this day, I am unable to find another human being with such selflessness in his or her

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