Essay My Transformation Story

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I grew up as a young man in Lagos Nigeria, learning the values of hard work, contentment, focus and integrity from my mum, who singlehandedly raised I and my two sisters, having lost our dad when she was just twenty eight and just as I neared my third birthday. However, as I grew up, it was discovered that I was a very absentminded and forgetful kid, who secretly hated schooling, but was very vocal, inquisitive, loved to read autobiographies write articles and debate with classmates and teachers and quite surprisingly, I did quite well in elementary School and even was best student in the entrance examination into secondary school. I learnt from childhood that to succeed in life I should study hard, graduate, get a good job and work at …show more content…
The department authorities resolved that I should make fresh copies of the project and resubmit to the department. I complied with the directive and was shocked when fresh result was released and my name was conspicuously missing. I tried to fight by petitioning the College authorities, but the matter was delayed, causing me to miss out on my direct entry plans and finally when the problem was sorted, I was told that my Grade Point had dropped below the direct entry requirement. The most painful part was that some old course mates, whose interest I thought that I championed jeered at me, accusing me of being a rabble rouser and troublemaker and I almost gave up on life. In my despair, my mentor insisted that I take up a job to acquire competence and practical training, so he got me employment in a prestigious Estate Surveying and Valuation firm, where I worked hard and was considered a quality member of staff and was often given responsibilities beyond my level, but in my desperation to further my studies at the University of Lagos, I resigned my job prematurely and enrolled as a year two student of the newly established evening part- time Estate Management programme, but dropped out of the programme, when I couldn’t produce my National Diploma result. I was out of school and unemployed and thoroughly frustrated, but my mentor insisted that I move on. I got another job in

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