Essay on My Top Choice Of Medical Specialty

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Discuss your top choice of medical specialty that you selected in the grid above. What inspires you to pursue this area of medical practice? My top choice of medical specialty is emergency medicine because I love the fast-pace and high pressure environment it provide. I like how each day presents new challenges that require the comprehensive knowledge and skill of the physician. One minute one is working on a stroke patient and the next a car accident victim came into the ER, the amount of pressure to control the chaos and remain calm at the same time is what I really love to do. But one of the main reasons that motivate me to become an ER doctor is working as a team. With patients often having a combination of disorders, it takes a team to work together thoughtfully in order to provide the highest possible quality of care. By attentively working with each other to solve the problem, each doctor are able to perform at their highest level to produce better patient outcomes. Overall, the satisfaction and the self-fulfillment that comes with being the first person a patient see is truly appealing to me in this area of medical practice.

Talk about the classes and subjects you really enjoy and in which you excel. On the flipside, discuss the courses and subjects where you foresee needing extra assistance or resources. The classes that I enjoy and really excel in would have to be anatomy and biology. I love to learn about the structure of the human body and how they…

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