My Top 5 Skill : Creativity, Dependability, Flexibility, Budgeting, And Negotiating

755 Words Oct 26th, 2016 4 Pages
My top 5 skill include: creativity, dependability, flexibility, budgeting, and negotiating. I chose creativity because apart from being one of my skills, it is very important to me. In an unorthodox way my creativity helps me create goals and plans for myself when past ones have proven unsuccessful. I think creativity reminds me why I am alive, it helps to inspire me and excite me for the future. I chose dependability because this is something that I am very good at. I am proud to say that whatever I am pursuing, is done well. This has helped me to gain confidence in myself. No matter what the other circumstances, I remain sure that the task at hand is done thoroughly and efficiently. I think this also helps to make me more successful in the long run. People like to hire me or assign me to projects because they know that they will be done well. I chose flexibility because this is something that has proven me to be successful. I have found that when you remain flexible and low-maintenance you become much more pleasant to associate with. You become easier to approach especially with life’s dilemmas. I think that is a great thing to claim, that even in the face of adversity you achieve your goals. I chose budgeting because this is a skill that will always be significant. Budgeting has proven me successful because it shows that I am responsible. This skill is helpful in many different environments including: work, school, home etc. Being good at budgeting proves that I have…

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