My Time Of Training Dogs Essay

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Tauno Salo was ready for that comment and he immediately responded, “Comrade Popov, I have selected a dog for you that in all my time of training dogs is a very special dog, for he only barks when commanded to do so by a sharp whistle three times in succession.” Tauno then whistled three times, and the dog gave off a quick sharp bark. “I have watched you and your men these past three days, and I realized that I had the perfect dog for you and your squad. The dog’s name is Vassily (Great Protector), and I know he will serve you and your men well, Comrade.” He shook Popov’s hand, then handed him the leash, and, with tears in their eyes, he and his wife walked into their house and closed the door. Now only Helen, Lev, and the dog Vassily stood in the cold morning air with hot breath coming from each of their mouths. Helen, saying not a word, held the lantern high enough so that they could both see each other’s face clearly. As Lev looked into those eyes that were the color of the green grass in spring, he hesitated, for he did not know what to say nor which language to say it in. As he stood there and contemplated what to say, 100 meters away he could hear his men now exiting the barn, getting on the truck, stowing their gear and getting ready for their journey to war. Quietly, in the Finnish language, he told her, “Thank you for everything. I will never forget you, my Helen.” As he spoke those words Lev took Helen’s hand in his, brought her hand to his lips and kissed it…

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