Good Time Management Skills Analysis

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Several times I have said, “there is not enough time in the day to get everything I need done! However, I have learned that having this type of mentality will not allow me accomplish my goals and dreams. It is important that I begin to develop good time management skills in order to efficiently pursue my goals and reduce my stress levels. Through the time management activities I have done, it has helped me evaluate my behavior and my wants and needs. I learned a lot of about myself and I learned new techniques to better manage my time. To begin with, I learned that I have several good reasons for wanting to manage my time. One of my constant worries is that I do not spend enough time with my family and church friends. I have dedicated myself to work and school, which is one of the reasons why my family time has become almost impossible. On the other hand, I need to stop procrastinating with my schoolwork. Most of the time when I have unpleasant homework due, I do not get it done until the last minute. This means that throughout the week I don’t do any of my homework until the weakened, which is when I begin to miss out on my family gatherings, which are on the weekend. This is a behavior that I need to change, because it is causing distress to myself and I am starting to make this a habit. My …show more content…
to 1:00 p.m. I have my highest energy level. I repeated this exercise about four times just to make sure I was not getting the wrong information. Since I know what are my prime times, I will begin to do my homework around those times. In order to take advantage of my prime time, I will plan ahead to use my high-energy periods for the moments were I do not want to do the unpleasant homework or tasks. I know that doing some of my homework requires more effort, creativity, and concentration than other assignments; therefore, this tip will allow me to take advantage of my prime time

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