My Time At The Marjorie R. Oakley Home For Women Essay

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The last five weeks of my clinical rotation I was able to spend my time at the Marjorie R. Oakley Home for women. This is one of two recovery homes that is administered by The Recovery Group of Southern West Virginia, the other home ran by this organization is the New Beginnings Home for Men. While I spent much of my time with the ladies that stay at the women’s home I was also able to meet a few of the males that was staying at the men home. The recovery home was a type of “group” home created to help provide opportunities for both adult men and women trying to free themselves from the nasty cycle of addiction. The main goal of the homes is to help these individuals to get clean, and avoid relapsing due to addictive environments. The homes help by providing them with an opportunity to make a change to get out of the situation of having their life controlled by the addiction. The home also helps provide the individuals who are in the correctional system, owe fine and or have CPS cases against them a type of safe harbor to be released to under the supervision of their probation or parole office, or child protective service worker when involving the visitation of their children. The home is not for addicts that are currently using, but is for individuals wanting to stay clean and wanting to change their destructive way of life. The ladies that come to the home are required to agree to random drug screenings that they do routinely and take part the recovery…

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