Essay on My Time At Aquinas College

855 Words Nov 15th, 2016 4 Pages
My short time at Aquinas College has already proven influential on my understanding of a great many things. Aside from the material directly covered in class, I have become more aware of such things as my relationship to learning, to the liberal arts, and to my career and life preparation. I have formed slightly more concrete intentions as to the use of my time at Aquinas College to prepare for life after I graduate, and my ideas about the purpose of a college education have begun to evolve in the past months. My first semester at Aquinas College has been an extremely important learning experience. I absolutely love to learn. I prefer some subjects over others, but I see the value in all fields of study. I am almost always seeking knowledge, and I sincerely hope this passion never fades. I want to be a deep-learner, and in many ways I believe I am, but I am also constantly struggling not to be a strategic-learner. I long to understand things; to make connections between different materials and to remember what I learn. But I also desperately want high marks. My first instinct is to learn deeply, but I know how to ‘play the game’—I know how to regurgitate information I do not fully comprehend to score well on assignments. My current priority in college is to learn to the best of my abilities and to be successful in my college career. I will do my best to learn deeply, but if necessary in a class, I will ‘play the game’. I will attend my classes, be prepared and attentive…

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