Essay about My Thoughts On Words : My Feelings

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My Feelings in Words I usually worry a lot about how I look and what people think of me. Other people 's opinions, if they 're negative, can really bring me down. I know I shouldn 't let that happen, but doesn 't it occur to everyone? When people look at me weird, almost like there 's something wrong with me, it upsets me. I tend to hide my face in my hands or my hair and keep quiet. When I 'm not hiding my face I put my hands all the way in my sleeves and then leave them sit on my lap. I get angry pretty easily, and I 'm not proud of it but I can admit to it. I get angry over all sorts of things. If I can 't figure out how to do something, like homework, it aggravates me and makes my blood boil. If someone says something to me that upsets me, I can get really aggressive and I will yell and scream at the person. If I get angry enough over something I 'll start crying. If I can 't find something, no matter what time of day it is, I 'll search for it until I find it. If I really can 't find it I 'll get angry with myself and put myself down, and when I 'm angry with myself I let it out on others. It isn 't a pretty sight to see, so I 'd suggest you to stay back. I can be moody on almost a daily basis, some people would even tell you I 'm bi-polar, but in reality I just don 't like the way a lot of people act. I could be really happy and laughing with no care in the world and then one single person could do or say something so stupid it ruins everything. I 'll get so mad I…

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